pepper motion – electrifying

pepper motion is the first digital OEM worldwide to offer innovative solutions for the electrification of used and new commercial vehicles - for a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to mobility in our society.

Retrofitting is the economical and sustainable alternative to buying new vehicles. With our award-winning and fundable e-troFit concept, we offer a retrofit solution for commercial vehicles. For buses and trucks. Give your commercial vehicle an environmentally friendly "second life" as an electric vehicle.

Name Change: e-troFit GmbH Becomes pepper motion GmbH

The former e-troFit GmbH, known for its innovative electrification of conventional buses and trucks, now goes by the name of pepper motion GmbH with immediate effect. The main reason for the change of name is the continued expansion of the product and solution portfolio, which is open to all technologies, but also because of the momentum of the rapidly growing company and the associated internationalization of its business. These developments require corresponding changes to its corporate design and brand identity.

pepper motion as the company name is the umbrella brand of the world’s first digital OEM and embodies the company’s mission for the future of electromobility in the commercial vehicle industry. etrofit will continue to exist as a brand name in the pepper motion retrofitting business unit given its existing high level of international recognition and image as the innovation leader for electrification technology in the commercial vehicle sector.

Mobility solution on OEM level:
Faster, more cost-efficient and sustainable


An e-troFit conversion means using existing resources and electrifying them with new sustainable electrification kit. This makes a converted e-troFit commercial vehicle the most sustainable in its class.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

According to the Green Deal and the Clean Vehicle directive, the change to emission free public transport is an important matter. e-troFit does not only help to make that change quicker, it also helps to bring down the costs of electromobility as the TCO beats the cost with a diesel technology already

Series production and high quality

When existing vehicles are converted, in addition to the pure replacement of components, the vehicles are reconditioned so that they can be operated for a further 10 years without any problems. They are in no way inferior to new electric buses, because all susceptible components correspond to certified new condition. This enables them to achieve a quality standard as good as new.

Speed & Agility

An existing vehicle can be completely electrified and reconditioned in series quality within 4 weeks. The high speed of development enables e-troFit always to use latest state of the art components regarding batteries, digital services and electric drivetrains and gives the ability for most fast implementation of new technologies for field use with modular standard components.

e-troFit in portrait

The e-troFit concept

e-troFit® is a series-ready retrofit solution for existing and new commercial vehicles: e-troFit gives used vehicles an environmentally friendly "second life" as an electric vehicle. As an operator you create a fast and cost-effective entry into electromobility and continue to use your existing vehicles in an environmentally friendly and economical way. You profit immediately from a low purchase price and sustainably lower maintenance costs over the entire service life.

The e-troFit solutions adapt individually to your requirements: We analyze the route profiles during operation and thus determine the actual battery capacity requirements. Thus you save unnecessary costs and weight.At the same time we also develop a suitable charging concept for you and design the vehicle to meet all requirements of daily operation.After this initial analysis phase, the conversion can take place within a few weeks. 

  • Modular battery concept: We do not install more battery capacity than necessary      
  • Flexible loading concepts: Depot Charging or Opportunity Charging possible
  • Various financing options   

Meet e-troFit!

Strong partnerships

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

We offer a professional conversion solution comparable to the performance and standards of new electric vehicle. This includes professional service!

e-troFit has established a preferred partnership with ZF Friedrichshafen AG: ZF not only supplies original components for the electric powertrain, but also provides the service network for the actual modification. The e-troFit upgrade takes place in a certified partner workshop close to the customer.

Our extensive development competence combined with ZF's manufacturing and service know-how: The partnership ensures that the end result is a high-quality product that is comparable to a production vehicle.

Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

e-troFit GmbH and Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH have joined forces in a preferred partnership. The aim of the collaboration is to make greater use of synergies in the field of commercial vehicle electrification and to benefit from the partners’ value chains.

As an experienced vehicle builder, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge manages the production or conversion of the vehicles and the associated integration and design of the drive systems. The company is a European market leader in the field of specialist vehicle construction and carries out chassis conversions, axle modifications, frame extensions and special configurations on up to 1,000 commercial vehicles a year.