Ditch the diesel: e-troFit at UITP Summit

e-troFit is an innovative retrofit solution for city buses

Diesel vehicles face a difficult future in urban areas: Due to their high emission values, many cities try to get rid of diesel vehicles. That also affects local public transport operators – consequently, the demand for electric buses is rising. However, exchanging entire fleets is an expensive endeavor.

So why not convert existing vehicles to electric drive and continue to use them sustainably? The retrofit solution e-troFit makes its international debut at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm. Thanks to e-troFit, conventional diesel buses turn into eco-friendly electric vehicles and make an active contribution to reducing emissions in cities.

Strong partnership with ZF Aftermarket

e-troFit is based on many years of experience in automotive development: e-troFit is a subsidiary of in-tech, a Munich-based technology company with extensive experience in the automotive industry. e-troFit can be ordered from now on, the first buses will be delivered in the 4th quarter of 2019.

With ZF Aftermarket, e-troFit has secured a strong partner for the market launch. As a system supplier, ZF supplies powertrain components for the e-troFit kit. With its global workshop network, ZF also doubles as a retrofitting and service partner.

Individual solutions

e-troFit enables individual solutions for local transport companies:  The battery capacity and range of the buses are tailored to the individual requirements of each operator on the basis of a route analysis - saving costs and weight. Conversion with e-troFit is on average 50% cheaper than an electrically powered new vehicle.

e-troFit at UITP Global Public Transport Summit

e-troFit exhibits at UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm from June 10th to June 12th. Find us at booth A5074.

About e-troFit

e-troFit – electrifying transportation! The privately financed German start-up with its headquarters in Denkendorf and offices in Garching near Munich employs around 75 people. e-troFit is also present at four additional sales and development locations in Austria, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. e-troFit is the first digital OEM worldwide (without its own storage and manufacturing facilities) to offer innovative solutions for the electrification (retrofitting) of used and new commercial vehicles such as trucks deployed in distribution transport, buses in local public transport (LPT) as well as municipal vehicles. e-troFit is certified to ISO 9001 and as such is the only supplier of retrofit solutions to guarantee operational safety in accordance with international automotive industry standards such as functional safety ISO 26262. A network of international partners guarantees service and availability across Europe. With its holistic approach to telematics, charging infrastructure, fleet management and autonomous driving, the company designs quickly implementable and cost-efficient solution packages for sustainable mobility transformation and a “second life” for diesel commercial vehicles. They effectively support the implementation of the CO2 reduction targets in accordance with the European Green Deal Agreement and the Clean Vehicles Directive, which will come into force in 2021.

e-troFit was awarded the German Mobility Prize (2018) and the Austrian VCÖ Mobility Prize (2019), as well as being voted one of the top 50 start-ups in Europe in the field of mobility (2020, EUSP). Additional information: www.e-trofit.com/en/

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