Charge management &
charging infrastructure

Charge management

The charging infrastructure solutions of e-troFit are based on a holistic view of the requirements as they are met by the interfaces of electrical power engineering, electrical power conditioning and distribution as well as by intelligent data communication structures on a depot for fleet charging from today's perspective.

  • Interdisciplinary consideration of the charging infrastructure / Local Smart Grid solutions
  • Load and priority management systems / Controlled loads
  • Integration of stationary battery storage systems / grid-serving and grid-supporting
  • "Peak Shaving and Power on Demand" / performance-related network end money reduction
  • Communication to dispositive actors (depot management system backend system) / ISO15118-2 Loading plans (scheduled charging) / ISO15118-20 Dynamic charging / Exchange of certificates / Value added services
  • Shifting and combining representative complexity into "one" pre-conceived component (Lean Depot Management), which takes over the necessary handling for a smooth fleet loading. The idea of "Plug and Play"
  • Easy integration into the system landscape of the depot

Charging infrastructure

The e-troFit product portfolio includes chargers and charging stations with charging capacities of up to 150 kW. As standard you can obtain the following charging solutions from us:

  • mobile charging station 44 kW
  • stationary charging station 75 kW
  • quick charging station 150 kW

In addition to this offer e-troFit also offers the possibility to project and provide a charging infrastructure adapted to your needs.

FAQ on charging

Which charging concepts are available?

With e-troFit, both overnight depot loading and opportunity charging during ongoing operations (e.g. at the terminal stop) are possible.

Which method is appropriate and economical in the individual case depends on the specific route lengths and timetables of the operator. We check these requirements during the analysis phase and develop a coordinated loading concept.

If Opportunity Charging is selected, simple and fast loading can also be implemented using Pantograph.

Where can I get the necessary charging infrastructure?

During the analysis phase, we select the most suitable charging concept. We then advise and support our customers in the selection and installation of the appropriate charging infrastructure and, if necessary, also plan these projects.